Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes Advanced Search

Information on Searching the Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes, please read this first:

To Obtain a Copy Certificate:

  • Perform a search using the form below.
  • Click on the reference numbers in the search results for each entry that you are interested in. This will add the index entry to a Summary page.
    • By repeating the above for any of the BMD web sites in the UKBMD group, you can add more entries to your Summary page.
    • From the Summary page you can then decide which certificates you may wish to order.
      • The reference numbers on the Summary page are links to printable application forms.
      • Where available, certificates can be ordered online as instructed on the Summary page.
    • The entries will remain on your Summary page until you close your browser.
    • Alternatively, multiple index entries can be added to the Summary page. Select a range of entries by clicking on the checkboxes in the rightmost column, then click on the Add choices to Summary button at the foot of the results. No more than 100 may be selected at a time.
  • Remember to note the address of the Register Office as shown on the printed form and send each certificate application to the correct Register Office.
  • Please note that the indexes are not yet complete for all years and districts, so please check the coverage pages for each type to see exactly which records are included.
  • Hints and Tips about searching can be found here.
  • On completion of a search the form will be redisplayed after the results with your previously entered values in place. These may be edited to create a new search.

Advanced Combined Search

  1. Select the type(s) of search.
  2. Select date ranges from the list.
    Multiple dates may be selected by holding the Control key down while you click (Mac users should use the Shift key).
    (Touch Screen users should select a single year and then choose a range of years either side)
  3. Select the region(s) that you wish to search.
    Multiple regions may be selected by holding the Control key down while you click. (Mac users should use the Shift key).
    If you select just one region, a new list will appear which will allow you to select a sub-district from within the region.
  4. Enter either a surname, a mother's maiden name or both, as appropriate for the type of search.
  5. You may (optionally) enter forename(s); or the first part of multiple forename(s), or initials if you know them.
  6. You may (optionally) enter the spouse's details for marriage searches, if you know them.
  7. Choose whether you want the records listed alphabetically, by reference number, by year and whether they are to be separated by type or combined.
  8. Choose whether you want the search to be an exact match, or if the search should return names that sound similar to the requested surname too.
  9. Choose whether you want the output on the screen or saved to a file suitable for reading into a spreadsheet.
  10. Press the Display Results button.
For all searches:
Type of search:

Select a single Region first.
Select a single Region first.
Marriages only:
Births only:

Note: Not all entries have the Mother's maiden name indexed. If you choose not to ignore blank entries, then entries where no maiden name has been indexed will be shown in the results also. In these cases, the Mother's maiden name on the certificate may or may not be the one you seek.

Mother's Maiden Name Births only:

Note: Enter a Mother's Maiden Surname to search births for this surname. This surname can be different to the one specified in the main Births search.

For all searches:
        Note: A description of each of these search matching options can be found on the Hints and Tips page.